Podiatry Services

Foot care for all

Foot problems are many and varied, and we can help with a wide range of foot disorders for all age groups.

Below you will see just some of the most common foot ailments that we can treat in our modern, well-equipped and accessible clinics.

Our prices

Barker & Bennell | Podiatrists

Routine visits to the clinic include treatment of corns, verrucae, calluses, ingrowing toenails, nail cutting, foot pain and specialist diabetic foot care.

Routine visits start at £33.00

Nail surgery to treat ingrown toe nails under local anaesthetic start at £240.00

We accept cash, cheque and most credit and debit cards.

We sell a range of footcare products in our clinic and are always happy to offer advice as to the most appropriate for your condition. 

On-site osteopath

Also on-site at our clinic in Welling is Alpha Health (www.alphahealthosteopathy.co.uk). They are osteopaths who we can make referrals to if appropriate, to help with additional foot and leg problems.